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Go Wylie Go! – Day 5

by Jul 17, 2019Journal

Day 2 of racing was awesome and we had 5 visitors to share the excitement with! We started this morning early so we could finish charging the car as well as get the bearings and chains greased. We had a driver’s meeting that morning where we found out that we drove the most laps so far and are currently in 1st place in our division! We were the 8th to be on the track today. (Teams are placed on the track based on how many laps they have driven total). Today we had Jaxson and Jacob driving with Travis and Noah in the stands. According to the unofficial live results, we finished the day remaining in 1st place overall, but we did not drive the most laps on that day (we will find out for sure tomorrow morning at 8:30) .

We really appreciate all of your support!

– Jonathan O’Grady

PS: We added a new media tab that contains all of the news articles and videos with us in it! Be sure to check it out!




Individual Trophy Photos

For all the parents, grandparents and extended family that wanted the photos in this mornings post



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  1. Looks Great Jonathan!


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