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Hello World- It’s a Great Day to be Alive and a Great Day to be a Racer

by May 28, 2019Journal

School is out for summer, but I can’t tell the difference. (Probably because we are meeting at the school at 9 am.) We started the summer building session last Friday (5/24) and have since gained 2 new members, Rachel and Matthew. We also have started a twitter account and created this website. The goal of the journal tab is to follow the daily path of the team as we work towards our goal of winning first place. The goal of the events tab however is meant to inform you about any upcoming movements, such as fundraising outside of meteor burger a caravan practice trip to Greenville. You know while you’re here please look around and be sure to check out the history of east beast and the rules for spectating.

-Jonathan O’Grady


ps – This website is still a work and progress and so is the logo.  If you happen to find any bugs or typos please comment here so that I can fix them.

I would also like to recognize status26 for their help in both hosting the website, helping me build it, and giving us a logo!


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