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T-15 – Crash Update

by Jun 26, 2019Journal

If you didn’t see yesterdays post about how we crashed the solar car you can find it here.

We had a surprise visit from Mr.Williams and Mr.Hudson (director of CTE programs at Wylie ISD) who came to check in on us and to offer encouragement. I was very glad to find out that they are reading our blog and following our Facebook page. We at Wylie East Solar Car really appreciate the support!

Today we continued to repair the car’s axle, started cutting the shrink wrap, and finished working on the chassis.  However, the rewrapping of the car will have to wait. This is because with the repairs to the axle we need to ensure that it is functioning properly, but the shrink wrap gets in the way of viewing it. Test driving has also become more important because it will help us find out if anything else is damaged. We are hoping to be driving again by the end of the week.

– Jonathan O’Grady



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