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T-17 – Weiding and Telemetry

by Jun 24, 2019Journal

We now only have 17 days till the start of the race. Today I made 2 tilted solar panel charging supports by using the mig welder and CnC plasma cutter for the first time, and Mr.Roseberry and Mr.Livingston worked on the telemetry system for the car.  


  1. I would say this is one. From beginning to end you nailed it totally.
    To write this you might have worked for research.

    Best regards,
    Lunding Duke

    • I did for a while when I was apart the high school Aerospace scholars program by NASA. Much to my surprise nearly all of the assignments were research and technical writing, but I got a lot of practice and feed back, so I’m really glad I got to do it.

      And I’m not the only one the current Captain of the team and one drivers are alumni for the same program and one of the members on the design team is currently enrolled.


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