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T-21 – WD-40 and Circuits

by Jun 20, 2019Journal

 We have only 3 weeks to finish both the car and the testing. Today we worked on packing up the shop, building the solar panel ground supports, setting up the replacement tire, and started working on the electronic circuits for the telemetry.

– Jonathan O’Grady 

Incase you’re wondering how to set up a replacement tire.

Step 1) Remove the old bearings from the tire using a hammer and chisel. Be sure to more the chisel around the circumference of bearing so that it doesn’t get stuck.

Step 2) Clean the bearing with WD-40. (which feels like the cheese grease of a pizza)

Step 3) Apply motor grease to the bearing. (The grease reduces the friction of the bearing)

Step 4) place the bearing in the tire and place a block of wood on top of it then with a hammer hit the block of wood around the circumference of the bearing. ( the wood prevents the shock of the hammer damaging the bearing)




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