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Too Many 2s – Day 7 and 8

by | Jul 19, 2019 | Journal

Yesterday, in our last attempt to beat Prosper, our goal was to simply match their speed so as to not let them pass us and to keep our five-lap lead. However, due to our car not charging correctly the night before and the Prosper team adjusting their charge controller, we were not able to follow that plan. Instead, we had to maintain an average speed of just over 21 mph while Prosper was able to go around the track at 26 mph. Much to our disappointment, we lost our lead by lunch.  After lunch, we were racing at 27 mph, but they were driving in the lows 30s and we couldn’t catch up. We are happy to report, however, that they didn’t get too far ahead of us.  They finished the race at 326 laps while we finished at 324 laps. After the race, we packed up the car and left the TMS garage. Once at the awards banquet, We got to hear Jaxson’s speech about what solar car had taught him and cheer for him when he was inducted into The Order of the Solar Cell. Later that evening we received the 2nd place Trophy and The Prosper Team shook our hands It had been a close race and all of us were excited. After the banquet, our team went to get half-price shakes at sonic and then proceeded to watch a movie to celebrate. This morning we left for the school around 10:30 and were there by 12:00 we unpacked the solar car and then had a meeting to determine the plan for next years race!

This trip taught us that through teamwork and detention with a little bit of planing anything is possible. It also taught us that even when 1st place slips out of your fingers engineering is about the journey, not the destination and that having a team that has your back makes the good times greater and the hard times fun! To our seniors Landry and Jaxson we will miss you but your determination and pride that you put in this team will live on

– Jonathan O’Grady

PS- I have updated all of the pages on the website to show that our competition has ended and added new content and a new page to get ready for the next year so please check it out!

The Wylie East Solar Car will Return August 15, 2019 

Individual Trophy Photos

For all the parents, grandparents and extended family 




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